Friday, April 13, 2012

Transition Update

Since I last updated you, things have been extremely busy. I finally moved out of Tomobe or Kasama and moved to Mito on April 1st. I am not fooling you either! Just to give you an idea of the city differences, Mito is the capital of the prefecture Ibaraki that I am living in and Tomobe was a small country side town. It would be like moving from Luther to Oklahoma City. At the end of time in Tomobe, we had our goodbye party for the LST Team and I began my preparations for moving to Mito! Things have also been blooming making it very beautiful here. All of the beginning of the blooming of things here make things feel great for new transitions and beginnings in my life here in Japan.

LST Goodbye Party!

Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) in Mito

Since I have been in Mito, I have been busy going to change my address in places like the post office, bank, cell phone, utilities, my drivers license, my foreigner card and all. I was also busy finishing up some last minute paper work to transfer my new car and scooter in my name. It was kind of a challenge doing it all in Japanese, but I really ended up enjoying the challenge and learned a lot of new Japanese in the process.

It feels great that I finally I got moved into my new apartment. If any of you know me well enough, its hard for me to not have people over. I also ended up having a bunch of my students from Ibaraki Christian over this last week for a barbecue and made some rolls and mashed potatoes. Aside from having people over, the couple who gave me my car also gave Cassie and I practically their entire apartment for a small price. In fact, they gave me enough stuff that my entire apartment was practically furnished and I had to hardly pay for anything extra other than the small fee. Since we got all of their stuff, I not only got settled in my apartment but also got Cassie's apartment put together as much as we could to prepare it for when I move in after we get married. This way we can just move the stuff I have in my apartment now and put it in her apartment easily before we go home to get married. I'll try to post pictures of the apartments next time.

While I am transitioning into my new job to become a teacher, there are also a lot of teachers who are leaving. One of them is my friend Allen and his wife Laura. I went to Africa with Allen when I was at Oklahoma Christian. It is weird to see them go, but it will be great also meeting some of the new English teachers soon.
Last dinner with Allen and Laura!

Easter Sunday we ended up having a great worship. We had worship at the church in the morning. After worship was over, we went to the Tomobe Church Grave and celebrated those who had been raised from the dead and gone to Heaven for their faith. After the celebration, we went to the park next to the cemetery and had a picnic.

At the Tomobe Church Grave!

Picnic after going to the Tomobe Church Grave!

In better news, Toru's dad finally decided to get baptized. Last Monday, I attended my last preachers meeting and then came back and watched Marlin baptize Toru's dad. It was such an incredible time to know that not only will Toru have his dad's support but also his mom's support for him to be a preacher. After the baptism, Cassie and I went to the Hitachi Christian Camp meeting for the work camp we will have next month.

Toru's dad being baptized!

On Tuesday, I went to Ibaraki Christian University and met with some of my students from the last school year I studied with. I was albe to meet with Saki and talk with her some about talking with her father about being a Chrisitan. She still has yet to talk to him. Please continue to pray that she will be able to talk to him soon so that she can be a Christian. After meeting with my students, I went and met the KGK College Christian Club group and meet some of the members.
KGK Meeting!

This next Sunday Cassie and I will take some engagment pictures with the Cherry Blossom trees and next Monday I start my job with training for being an English Teacher. Please pray for this transition!

I appreciate all of you for your prayers and support. Thank you all for everything you have done for me. Please email me if you have any questions at and I will answer them. May God Bless You All!