Friday, November 30, 2012

November Update

Hello Everyone,

I hope that this letter finds all of you doing well. Things have been going pretty well here. I have been extremely busy with many observations in my English classes, finalizing my wedding plans, and keep up with some mission work all at the same time. Cassie and I recently just finished our engagement pictures after starting them earlier in April this year. We have also been moving a lot of my stuff over to her apartment gradually and giving some of my old stuff away so that we are not doing all of it all at once. I must confess now that I am unable to post pictures in this post because I have too old of a version of a program to upload pictures. However, if you have a facebook, I usually post all of my pictures there if you would like to see them. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Cassie and I have also enjoyed spending some time with friends over the past month. We went to Nikko to a shrine whether the prover, Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil comes from. It was cool to go to a place of something where it generated from. It was great to see Ayami and her boyfriend Cam. The scenery was also really beautiful. It is amazing to know that God shows his presence through nature. Especially in the fall when everything is changing colors. Cassie and I were also able to have dinner with Takuto and Yuu. A couple of friends who went to OC as exchange student a couple of years ago. We all decided that we were craving McDonalds so we all went and pigged out together and enjoyed some bic macs and fries. (It wasn't so good for the diet I am on, but I worked it off). After dinner we came back to Cassie's and made homemade eggnog and listened to some Christmas music and just spent a little time together. We had a really great time.

Finally for my mission work. I am continuing to study with Kato on Tuesdays. Things have been going really great. He recently was informed he may lose his job due to budget cuts but thanks be to God he was able to keep it. This served as a great tool for me to tell him God is looking after him. One of the ways that he and I connect best is our interest in Africa. Last week he asked me to come with him to his African friends house so we could eat together. Cassie and I enjoyed great food and just showing him some support for his interest. Although Cassie and I our coming home for our wedding, and will be unable to go to winter church camp, we have been going to meetings to show our support and try to come up with ideas of things to do as well. Last but not least, we had a Thanksgiving dinner at the church last week as an outreach. Kato ended up coming with his family which was great. I was also able to get my co-English teacher worker to come with me. Overall he seemed to enjoy it and said he had a lot of fun. Pray that I may find other ways to reach him. At the Thanksgiving dinner we enjoyed great food and fellowship with all the people who come to the church for English class. We had a really great time. I recently also went to Ibaraki Christian University to see some old friends and people I used to study with. I was supposed to meet up with Saki but she had something come up last minute. Pray that I will be able to meet with Saki soon.

In the coming year, Cassie and I have had some big decisions that are weighing on our shoulders. We ask that you pray with us for our decision. As of right now, I would rather not say what I am referring to, but we do ask that all you do is pray. We are having a hard time on deciding what we should do, and we want to make sure that we take the path God wants for us.

Well that is about all for this post. Thank you for supporting Cassie and me in this journey. May God bless you all. Good night.