Monday, August 27, 2012

July & August Update

Hello Everyone,

Hope you have all been doing well. Once again it has been sometime since I last wrote. Things have been once again pretty hectic. I hope I can catch you up to speed on some of the things that have been taking place in my life in just a short post.

First of all I would like to say that I have not been affected by all the storms that have been recently hitting Japan but continue to pray for those who have been hit there. One of my friends who lived there said she was fine, but that they cancelled school today.

Anyways, since my lost post, a lot has been happening. On July 11th, Mito, the city I am currently living had an English conversation contest for all of the junior highs. I spent a lot of time that week helping prepare my students for that the best that I could. Overall it was a great time even although we move to the next round. The picture to your left is a contest all the American English Teachers had which was in Japanese so Japanese could see us practicing in another language like they did English in the contest.

 On the 16th of July, Cassie and I went up to Hitachi Christian Camp to cut grass, clean out cabins, and anything else that was needed in order for the camp to be ready to have campers. After we finished, we went and cooled off at a beach in Hitachi along the ocean. Ironically, it was also a holiday known as Ocean Day. Cassie and I however were unable to attend camp due to coming back to the states to prepare our wedding. Tonight we will be having a camp staff appreciation dinner and discussion meeting over what we can do to 
make camp better.
Hitachi Christian Camp sign at the camp!

Cassie and I at the beach in Hitachi!

From time to time we have had Japanese people over at my apartment and made them dinner as an outreach. We will be having a couple of people coming again this Wednesday and hopefully make it a routine that we do every month.

On the week of the 20th of July, we had summer teachers training and had lots to do in order to come home. It made for a long week too because I was so eager to come home. Cassie and I finally arrived in the states on the 28th and spent a few weeks there planning our wedding. We went time with people from Wichita, Mulvane, Oklahoma City, Edmond, Yukon, Broken Arrow, Tulsa, Sand Springs, Ralston and even Japan and drove to most of those places as well. It made for a long trip, but we got to see lots of old friends, spend time with family, get most of our wedding planned, and eat lots of foods that we missed. Cassie also finally got her ring. In the long run, I ended up having to cancel my flight because I got too sick. I was also blessed enough to be able to preach to the Sand Springs congregation and also got a surprise visit from Broken Arrow to come watch me so that Cassie I could receive a money tree as a wedding gift. I am truly blessed by such great people. Thank you to those who contributed towards the tree. We also got a chance to go by and visit Yukon and Contact, the churches I used to work at back in the states.

    Eating Mexican on our first night after arriving in America!

   Redneck Mason Jar Toasting Flutes

   Sunday after church in Sand Springs 

   The Broken Arrow clan that came to support me in Sand Springs with our money trees from  
   both congregations.

   Me excited to get my wedding ring from my own store!

   Taking a picture with Glen after church in Yukon!

Since we have come back this past week or so, things have been pretty slow at school, but rather busy other wise with other things. I recently decided to start helping with the baseball team at school so that I can build a deeper relationship with some of the kids so I guess you could kind of say I am an assistant baseball coach now. Cassie and I are also going to finish planning our honeymoon hopefully this week. We have also been spending time trying to make some new friends as well. The last week we also had a hot dog party at the church building. All together about 50 people came and it turned out to be a great time. The guy I normally have English Bible classes with on Tuesday night also came with his African wife. It was amazing to see someone from Africa again.

Everyone who came to the hot dog party

Cassie and I calling out Bingo numbers at the hot dog party!

Well I tried to keep it short and simple. If you would like to know anything else about what is going on with a deeper explanation, let me know. Have a blessed day.