Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Support Update

Brothers and Sisters,

It has been overwhelmingly amazing how much the Lord has blessed me this past week since I wrote you last. While I am extremely still far from my goal, I took a giant step in being closer to my goal since we spoke last. I went from having only 10% of my goal to 33% of my goal. When you put it in fractions, it sounds even greater. Therefore I went from having 1/10 of my goal to having 1/3 of my goal. While I am extremely thankful for the gifts I have been given, I am still far from the goal I have set aside in order to go to Japan. Whether you can give $10,000 or $10 your generosity will be extremely appreciated and helpful. Wouldn't it be great to see another big step taken and try to have 2/3 of my trip taken care of by the 2nd week of July?

As far as preparation over the past week, I have been typing and organizing documents so that I can start applying for certificate of eligibility papers soon as well as continuing in my Japanese language studies. I am hoping that I can send these certificate of eligibility documents to Japan within the next few weeks so that they give me my certificate of eligibility and I can start working on the rest of the process in order to also get my visa.

Once again I want to thank all of your for joining me in this journey as I prepare for this great mission that has been set before me. Continue to pray for me that things go smooth and that I continue to rely on God in everything that happens as I prepare for this trip and also move to the country of Japan. Also, start praying for the people that I am going to come into contact with and that they start becoming prepared for the things I will teach them. Finally, pray that I can reach my goal as quickly as possible. When I was in my daily Bible reading this morning, I came across another verse that made it feel as if God was taking to me. In Romans 8:28 it reads, "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." I know that if I stay committed and love God, everything is going to continue to work out and in place just as I learned last week. God is good and I know for a fact that God will provide.

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